Agreement with Mercado Libre for CRS promotion

With the aim of assisting parents when buying the most appropriate Child Restraint System (CRS) for their children, we made an agreement with Mercado Libre Uruguay, to make available all the information related to child road safety. As of today, a special section within the Mercado Libre site is available to answer the main questions when buying a CRS.


Second Decade of Action for Road Safety

In September 2020, governments around the world pledged to halve road traffic deaths and injuries during a new decade of action.


Safe Children. Everyone´s responsibility

Together with CONASET, and with the support of ISA Intervial and FIA Foundation, we carried out an international online event to show how Chile has managed, in just a few years, to generate a cultural change that has led to a reduction in the number of children killed and seriously injured in traffic accidents.


Presentation of the Chilean success story

During the event "Safe Children - Everyone's Responsibility", the publication "Child Restraint Systems, A multidimensional approach to strengthen their use. The Case of Chile", which summarizes the lines of action that made up the long-term policy for strengthening the use of CRS in Chile.


Uruguay is a reference in the region for its zero alcohol tolerance law in traffic

OPS and the Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez conducted a research based on national and international publications to determine the impact of alcohol on accident rates.