About us: Our values

Gonchi inspires us every day, in every moment, in every activity we develop. But in addition, his values are also part of the Foundation. Honesty, commitment and solidarity are values that set the course of our path.

We understand honesty as a fundamental moral value to be able to establish relationships based on trust, sincerity and respect. We start from the premise that true honesty permeates all aspects of life, in view of which it must be a coherent behavior: our actions must be consistent with what we think, say and do.

In this sense, we encourage the work of socially honest people and relationships, which remain attached to the principles of good being in all acts that constitute their interaction with others: at work, in traffic, in our community.

It is by being honest with others, and with ourselves, that we will not betray our actions.

Commitment is the capacity we have to become aware of the importance of complying with something we have previously agreed to. When we commit to something or someone, we are aware of all the implications that this entails and we are accepting the responsibility to carry out and fulfill what we have committed to.

Commitment, in short, is what helps us turn a promise into reality; it is what makes us do our best.

In this sense, we work every day to make this value -which undoubtedly marked Gonchi's path- part of our true essence: to do our best to achieve our goals and attain the results we seek.

Solidarity is the value that is characterized by collaboration among individuals, which makes it possible to overcome -as a whole- the greatest problems. Being one of the highest human values, it is based on the ability to feel empathy for others. A feeling of unity, which is closely linked to love for others. In short, it is the basis of societies, as we understand them.

Therefore, it could not not be among our values to promote. To work hard to be a solidary Foundation, which allows us to feel united and provide the necessary support to people in need.

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