Our work: Advice to governments

Advice to governments
At the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez we firmly believe that having updated and effectively enforced road safety policies is fundamental to improve the situation of countries in relation to their safety indicators.

This is not a simple path, since it is necessary to obtain the commitment of governments to work together with the private sector and civil society, as this is the only way to achieve sustainable progress over time. Although not all strategies are applicable in different contexts, there are milestones in the processes that are, and we have developed plans that have allowed us to do so in different environments, which has been taken as a working methodology in the medium and long term.

From civil society there are many actions that we can take to achieve improvements in public policies, highlighting the contributions of specialists, advocacy actions at the public level and developing networks with other organizations that give better results than isolated efforts, making efficient and effective use of available resources.

Since the beginning of our work in Child Road Safety, we have contributed to the improvement of the following laws and regulations, collaborating with the specialized agencies of each country:


  • National Traffic Law

  • Transit Law of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

  • Regulation of the law in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires

  • Regulation of the law in the Province of Neuquén

  • Regulation of the law in the province of Río Negro


  • Regulation on mandatory use of CRS


  • Law on various road safety and traffic regulations

  • Regulation of the Traffic Law

  • School Transportation Regulation (Montevideo)


  • National Law on Child Restraint Systems and Regulatory Impact (in process)

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