Cultural center

The Gonzalo Rodriguez Cultural Center was, for several years, a true desire on the part of the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez. An interdisciplinary cultural space, open and dynamic for all public, in which converge educational, cultural and artistic activities; in order to preserve even more the memory of Gonchi.

Always working with that horizon, from the signature of the agreement with the Municipality of Montevideo for the concession of the Tajamar de Carrasco; we have found the ideal space to develop our dream.

We seek that this new center becomes an agent that democratizes the access to culture and make it an engine of development. Its objectives of collaboration with culture are fulfilled through the support of cultural initiatives and a programme of very varied activities, which will cover the various artistic areas and areas of reflection, exhibitions, seminars, training workshops, debates, conferences, film screenings, theatre cycles, etc.

We imagine a space of meeting, learning and exchange; where experiences are lived that enrich us from the human side and, above all, where the values that identified Gonchi are shared: humility, joy, and perseverance.

It is estimated that the Gonzalo Rodriguez Cultural Center will begin to function in the first semester of 2021.

Placa Fundacional Centro Cultural Gonzalo "Gonchi" Rodríguez
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