Program: Road Safety Awareness

Road safety is a major problem in Latin America, where Uruguay is not the exception and where substantial actions are required to reduce the number of victims of road accidents.

An increase in motorization has significantly increased exposure to traffic-related risks. The need for improvement of safety of motorcyclists, among whom nearly half of all traffic-related deaths are recorded, is a particularly serious problem due to the dramatic increase in two-wheelers and the lack of specific protection for users.

The consequences of traffic accidents impact on the most productive group of the population, so it is important to identify its social consequences.

For this reason, the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez develops the Road Safety Awareness program, whose strategic objectives are:

  • To provide training and advice to Road Safety organizations, without prejudice to the powers and competences of the public agencies involved in the matter / UNASEV.

  • To collaborate with public bodies involved in the matter, without prejudice to their powers and competences, in the development of their road safety strategy, with ambitious and achievable objectives.

  • To push the problem of Road Safety and its possible improvement onto the public agenda, working from different fields of action.
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