School Transport: Current Status and Improvement Opportunities (2015)

This study is an initial step towards a better understanding of the current situation of transporting children in school buses in the most populous cities of ten countries: Buenos Aires, Argentina; São Paulo, Brazil; Santiago de Chile, Chile; Bogotá, Colombia; Mexico City, Mexico; Asunción, Paraguay; Lima, Peru; Madrid, Spain; Montevideo, Uruguay; and New York, United States.

Exclusive Telephone Survey for Gonzalo Rodríguez´s Plan EDU-CAR

Comparative Document Pre and Post Public Service Campaign “Use a child seat. Travels safely. Gets there safely"

Observational behavioral study on Road Safety in Uruguay (2016).

UNASEV - OISEVI study, conducted by FACTUM with the support of the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation, whose objective was to survey the use of traffic safety measures and establish possible behavioral changes between 2013 and 2016.