Observational Study on the Use of Safety Elements in Vehicles in Montevideo, Salto and Paysandú

Observational study on the prevalence of the use of safety elements in private vehicles, carried out in the cities of Montevideo, Salto and Paysandú, between May and June 2008

Child Restraint Systems in Latin America and the Caribbean. Analysis of Feasibility of Making its Use Mandatory.

Objective information is presented on the conditions in which countries find themselves in relation to CRS, which, based on a scientific diagnosis, will make it possible to take measures to reduce not only deaths but also permanent and temporary injuries in children associated with traffic accidents. (Only available in spanish)

Study on conditions of children transport on motorcycles in Latin America (2017)

otorcycles have found thereway into Latin America as an opportunity for mobility for large segments of society. As the WHO points out, motorcycle users are exposed to greater risks of collision because they share the circulation space with automobiles, buses and trucks, because they are less visible, and because of the lack of physical protection which makes them more vulnerable to injuries in the event of a crash.

Critical situation of children as vehicle occupants. Survey of Safety Equipment in Circulating Vehicles

The study is part of the research activities of the Road Safety Plan for Children - EDU-CAR, carried out by the Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation

Survey on Behaviors, Opinions and Attitudes towards Traffic - Analysis of Road Crashes Involving Children in Uruguay

Comparative document pre and post public good campaign "Use a chair. Travel safely, arrive safely"