'Use a Car Seat' Campaign

To accompany the car seat use enforcement efforts that the Montevideo government rolled out in November, the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation has launched the campaign ‘Use a Car Seat.'


Results of the education initiative "Latin American Children Safe in Transit"

On Thursday, November 21, authorities from the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation and Early Education Board presented the results of the education initiative "Latin American Children Safe in Transit" whose most recent phase was just completed in public schools in Canelones and Montevideo


Good Child Safety Practices in the Region

The Ibero-American Symposium of Traffic and Road Safety Agencies took place on November 5th and 6th, organized by the National Road Safety Agency of Paraguay and the World Health Organization.


FISEVI Save the Date - Colombia 2020

The 4th International Forum on Child Transit Safety (FISEVI, according to its initials in Spanish) will take place on June 9th and 10th, 2020 in Colombia. Developed by the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation in partnership with the Colombian National Transit Safety Agency, FISEVI is an initiative supporting dialogue between key stakeholders in issues of traffic safety including governments, international organizations, civil and transit engineers, health workers, bus and truck drivers, and private institutions, among others.


Chile: a success story

In accordance with its mission to eliminate traffic collision casualties in Latin America, and with special attention to child traffic safety, the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation started to prepare a plan of action in Chile in 2012. In conjunction with the National Commission on Transit Safety (CONASET according to its initials in Spanish), they held meetings to outline a strategy focused on child traffic safety in Chile that included a training of traffic police about the importance of the use of Child Restraint Systems ((CRS) more commonly known as car seats). They also planned three Car Seat Checkpoints in different shopping centers in Santiago where Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation technicians and traffic police offered practical advice about safe child transport to those who visited the Checkpoints.


Developing road safety knowledge

Over the past few months, the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation has continued to work to improve road safety, bringing together global experts and Uruguayan professionals to share best practices and bring knowledge to the country.


Use of CRS in Montevideo

At a conference organized by the Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation and the Montevideo City Hall, the figures of the Second Observational Study on the Use of Child Restraint Systems (SRI) in private vehicles in Montevideo were presented.


Government of Montevideo intensifies the enforcement of car seat use

Starting November 1st, the local government of Montevideo will begin the enforcement of the use of Child Restraint Systems (more commonly known as car seats), thereby bringing to fruition one of the Gonzalo Rodriguez's primary policy recommendations.