FISEVI Save the Date - Colombia 2020

Since 2014, three FISEVIs have been held in Uruguay, Chile and Argentina. This international forum, which is held every two years, facilitates the exchange of knowledge, experience and best practices for the improvement of transit safety through different modes of action including the creation and implementation of public policy as well as initiatives taken on by civil society and private institutions.

On July 24th, 2018, the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation signed an agreement with the Colombian government to organize the fourth biennial FISEVI in Colombia in 2020. By signing the agreement, Nani Rodriguez, President of the Foundation, showed appreciation to the Minister and Director of the Nacional Agency for Transit Safety of Colombia (ANSV, according to its initials in Spanish) for their dedication to transit safety.

“From the beginning of the forum, which we hold every two years in different countries, we only go to countries who are committed to the topic and ready to work together to improve child transit safety,” emphasized Rodriguez.

2020 will mark the closing of the Decade of Action headed by the United Nations. “That means Colombia will be the center of evaluation of all that has happened in Latin America with regards to traffic safety. There will be many people interested in coming and participating. We will be able to do our work even better with the international collaboration and agreements that we will reach,” concluded Rodriguez.

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