'Use a Car Seat' Campaign

Enforcement using fines is a key catalyst of behavioral change towards road safety best practices. Because of this, for more than 10 years, the Foundation has advised local governments across Uruguay to start enforcing the use of car seats.

“We are working to improve the security of child transportation, and it is clear that legal enforcement is fundamental to improving the [rates of fatalities and grave injury in collisions] substantially. Because of this, today we celebrate this move from the Montevideo Administration and we join them in the implementation of the campaign ‘Use a Car Seat,’ because the correct use of car seats reduces the possibility of fatalities by up to 75% and reduces the possibility of grave injury by up to 90% during car crashes. Enforcement is something we have sought for several years and we hope that other local governments will follow suit,” said Maria Fernanda Rodriguez, president of the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation.

The Foundation has also developed a website (usasilla.uy) that explains the important features of car seats and offers practical advice and answers to frequently asked questions. At the same time, the Foundation has launched a social media campaign stressing that car seats are important to use not only to avoid the fine but more importantly for the safety of children.

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