Results of the Gonzalo Rodríguez Cultural Center contest

On December 1st, the winners of the preliminary architectural design competition for the Gonzalo "Gonchi" Rodríguez Cultural Center were announced.


High impact urban intervention

As part of the 20th anniversary of the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation, a high-impact urban intervention was held to raise awareness and publicly reaffirm the concern and request the commitment of all to work to improve road safety in Uruguay, which in 2019 claimed the lives of 422 people.


1/3 of Chileans will change their usual form of transportation by car or bicycle

34% of Chileans say that they have thought about changing their most frequently used transport to the car in the first place and the bicycle in the second.


Commitment to road safety and mobility

The Foundation has been developing an intense work since last year, seeking that the different areas of government of Uruguay have in their agenda to road safety and mobility.


Presentation of the foundation plaque of the Gonzalo "Gonchi" Rodríguez Cultural Center

Exactly on the day of the 21st anniversary of the death of Gonzalo Rodríguez in an accident at the Laguna Seca circuit, his legacy materialized more than ever with the announcement of the beginning of the works and the discovery of the "foundation plaque" of the Gonzalo "Gonchi" Rodríguez Cultural Center.


Seminar "Alcohol Consumption and Road Safety"

On August 20th, in conjunction with the Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization, we developed the online seminar "Alcohol Consumption and Road Safety


Children's Road Safety Plan in Argentina

Together with Argentina's National Road Safety Agency, we continue working to implement a children's road safety plan, training provincial referents to improve the reality of children's road safety at the local level.


Presentation of online training platform

The Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation presents FGR Campus, its new online training platform, with two courses supported by the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina.