Pediatricians in Colombia: a vital ally

Together with the support of the Colombian National Road Safety Agency, we carried out a training cycle for pediatricians in Bogota, Colombia; a vital ally when it comes to reaching parents with the message of safe mobility.

The training on child restraint systems and safe mobility consisted of two parts. On the one hand, an online training was developed using the foundation's FGR Campus platform, where most of the theoretical knowledge on why it is important to work on road safety, why children are not miniature adults, and the importance of using child restraint systems when traveling in private cars was taught.

On the other hand, during the last days of October, a face-to-face training was held at the offices of the National Road Safety Agency of Colombia, where the global context of road safety was presented, doubts about theoretical knowledge were answered and a practical section on child restraint systems and their installation was carried out.

The basic idea of this type of training is to unite pediatricians in the work of road safety, understanding that they are a vital part of the chain by becoming transmitters of the correct message.

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