One year of practical specialization

Together with the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina (ANSV) and the Licensing Directorate (SINALIC), in the second half of the year we presented the Practical Specialization Program for Instructors in Safe Motorcycle Driving, which allowed those who took it to identify themselves as specialized instructors in licenses for these vehicles. This program was one more step in the strategy that the Foundation has deployed in Argentina to address the problem of road accidents, especially focused on the most vulnerable users, such as motorcyclists.

A total of 11 provinces and 81 municipalities in Argentina participated in this program; and, in the five editions that we developed throughout the year (Guaymallén, Catamarca, Posadas, Paraná and Villa María) we trained more than 100 technicians.

"One of ANSV's priorities is to protect the lives of motorcyclists, who are the main victims of road accidents. That is why we carry out different public policies aimed at ensuring that motorcyclists ride safely, raising awareness and encouraging the use of helmets. One of these actions is the joint work with the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez through the training of instructors of the Driving License Issuing Centers all over the country, with the aim of providing them with the necessary tools to train new responsible motorcyclists and thus continue advancing towards a new road culture in Argentina", said the Executive Director of the National Road Safety Agency, Pablo Martínez Carignano.

The program, which had the support of UPS, also had as its central axis the realization of work tables where different actors (authorities, academia and civil society) collaborated to generate specific and concrete commitments to improve motorcyclists' safety.

Finally, a public awareness campaign was developed in each of the provinces where the program was developed, which sought to put the issue on the agenda and raise awareness, especially among young people, about the importance of using safety elements and to instruct them about their rights and responsibilities on public roads. This campaign was the result of a risk perception study that the Foundation carried out between July and August of this year in different provinces of the NEA/NOA/CUYO and the center of the country, in order to compare accident rate data.

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