New edition of the course "Trainers for safe motorcycle riding".

This week we launched in Argentina the last virtual edition of the "Trainers for safe motorcycle riding" course. This project, which we developed with the support of the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina, was affected by the mobility restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic throughout our countries.

Therefore, through our training platform FGR Campus we appealed to the work of virtuality in order to meet the objectives of the project. Thanks to this joint work with ANSV, we have managed to train more than 400 people from 180 municipalities in 17 provinces of Argentina. These numbers mark a very important milestone in our main objective, which is to eliminate deaths caused by traffic accidents. Especially taking into account that motorcyclists represent more than 40% of those killed in traffic accidents in our countries.

At the end of this edition of the course, we will work on the completion of the practical stages, focusing on the north of the country. This is where the worst morbidity and mortality rates among motorcyclists are found. The next steps will then be, during the months of September and October, to develop the practical stages, and a final seminar that will bring more knowledge and information related to motorcyclist safety.

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