In the name of absence

As a member of the consultative committee for road safety of the UN, we promote in Uruguay the fulfillment of the objectives proposed in the new decade of action for Road Safety and the 2030 agenda, to which Uruguay, as a member country of the United Nations, is promised to comply.

Despite the reduction in mobility due to COVID-19, in Uruguay during 2020 391 people died and 21,850 were injured by traffic accidents, which represents an average of 60 people per day.

“We urgently need to place traffic accidents on the national agenda as the true epidemic that they are. Uruguayans unite in the face of COVID and we need to do exactly the same in the face of traffic accidents to promote safe mobility for all, ”said Maria Fernanda Rodriguez, president of the Fundación Gonzalo Rodriguez.

“The challenge is to involve the national and departmental authorities, to carry out a greater inspection; in improving the infrastructure, and in taking this issue as a national problem. We have to really work and commit ourselves if we want to significantly reduce the numbers we have today, and one way to do that is to work in a coordinated and united way; like a true system, ”said Rodriguez.


This is In the Name of Absence, an initiative of the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez that invites us to reflect on road safety. The campaign, developed together with Geometry - a Grupo Punto company - uses the posters of the most important towns in order to raise awareness throughout the country about the importance of road safety.

This activity, worked in conjunction with different municipalities in inland cities, consists of taking those localities with people's names and wrapping their first names with a black nylon, emulating a funeral bag. Each of the interventions has an informative totem that explains the reason for the action and gives the possibility of accessing through a QR code a landing page information, statistics, and various informative materials on the work carried out by the Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation.

We invite you to viralize this campaign through the hashtag #EnNombreDeLaAusencia.

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