First official mission to El Salvador within the framework of the South-South cooperation project

The first official mission to El Salvador took place within the framework of the South-South cooperation project signed between the governments of Uruguay and El Salvador called "Strengthening the capacities of El Salvador for the sustainable management of Road Safety", which aims to strengthen the capacities of El Salvador for the sustainable management of road safety in the country, with emphasis on children and adolescents.

This project works directly with the authorities of the Vice-Ministry of Transportation of El Salvador and has the articulation of the Uruguayan Agency for International Cooperation - AUCI and the Agency of El Salvador for International Cooperation - ESCO provides:

Technical assistance and cooperation in child road safety: includes support, accompaniment and advice from the Foundation for the development and strengthening of road safety policies for children and adolescents in the country. Specifically, technical support for the generation of capacities for the teams of the Vice Ministry of Transportation, the Fund for Attention to Victims of Traffic Accidents -FONAT, the members of CONASEVI (National Road Safety Council) and CODESEVI (Departmental Road Safety Councils), for the strategic planning of road safety to be incorporated in the formulation of the National Road Safety Plan and the respective local plans, in order to define and include specific actions in relation to road safety for children and youth under 18 years of age.

Development of internal capacities at national and subnational levels on child road safety, safe driving of motorcyclists, safe school environments including aspects derived from the challenges of safe infrastructure, road education, etc.

This first mission included an extensive 7-day work agenda, which aimed to generate the first face-to-face course on strategic planning, to close the territorial plans, in addition to an important agenda of presentation of child road safety issues to key actors at the national level.

Within this framework, the first National General Assembly of CODESEVI central, paracentral and western took place in San Salvador with the presence of national and departmental authorities and representatives of different government agencies that are part of the project, as well as the National General Assembly of CODESEVI west, held in San Miguel.

On the same day as the assemblies, the Strategic Planning Workshop for Road Safety in and from the territory was held with the members of the CODESEVIs who over the last 6 months have worked with the Foundation and Xternum team to advance their plans and actions in the territory according to the recommendations of the global road safety plan 2030.

In addition to these activities, progress was made with capacity building for the CONASEVI teams and agreements were reached to continue along this path in 2023.

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