The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez participated in a Road Safety Summit in Washington DC

The "Safe Roads / Safe Kids” summit took place on December 8 and 9. The event was organized by Safe Kids Worldwide and aims to improve road safety visibility on the international agenda in order to reduce child injuries and deaths. The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez, through its Research Coordinator, Florencia Lambrosquini, made a presentation on "Articulation Between the Third Sector and Regional Governments to Manage Child Road Safety".


The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez presented its Check Up Point at the V Ibero-American Road Safety Congress

The V CISEV was held in Santiago de Chile on November 7 - 9. One of the main aspects of the congress was "Vulnerable Users´ Safety”. The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez, represented by its Training Coordinator, Mathías Silva, delivered a presentation on "Check Up Points for Child Restraint Systems in Uruguay”.


The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez took part in the Conference "Healthy, Safe, and Sustainable Mobility” in Colombia

The Road Safety Week took place in Colombia between October 24 - 28. In this country more than 5,700 children and adolescents died in the decade 2005 â€" 2015, according to data provided by the Ibero-American Road Safety Observatory.


Second Road Safety Meeting in Maldonado

Within the context of the National Road Safety Week, the Second Road Safety Meeting took place on October 21 at Enjoy Conrad Hotel in Punta del Este, Maldonado. The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez attended the event providing information on Child Restraint Systems and conducting tests of child seats.


Training sessions to National Traffic Police Department enforcers

Within the context of the National Road Safety Week, the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez conducted training sessions on child restraint systems (child seats) for the national traffic police officers at the conference room of the National Traffic Police Department Headquarters on October 18.


Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez Cup at the Golf Club

The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez Cup was held on October 15 and 16 at the Club de Golf del Uruguay as a fund-raising activitiy for the organization.


The Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez took part in the 12th World Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion

The Conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion was held in Tampere, Finland, on October 18 - 21, 2016. In this 12th edition the international conference on Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion gathered important researchers, professionals, politicians, and advocates of injury prevention and safety to debate, discuss, and share information and experiences.


Exclusive show of Gonchi the movie to students of Technical Schools

On Sunday, September 11, it was the 17th anniversary of Gonzalo "Gonchi” Rodríguez passing, and the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez paid tribute to the Uruguayan driver by showing the film "Gonchi” to 170 students from the Technical Schools in Flor de Maroñas and Malvín Norte.