Safe children, everyone's responsibility

For the last 20 years, at the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez we have been working under the premise of contributing to guaranteeing children's rights, and we have focused our work on child road safety. Thanks to our efforts, we have managed to generate collaboration links with governments and civil society organizations in the region and to carry out training and awareness programs in countries such as Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, in order to place children at the center of road safety policies in South America.

One of the paradigmatic cases of our work is the strengthening of Child Restraint Systems in Chile. In a short period of time, the trans-Andean country showed us that there are cultural changes that can be carried out quickly and effectively. Today Chile offers a lesson to all Latin Americans that if there is political will and a collaborative spirit among the actors involved in road safety for children, it is possible to significantly reduce the number of people injured and killed in road accidents.

We know that there is no single measure to successfully address the challenges of road safety for children. In order to prevent every fatality, evidence-based policy making is essential. The systematization of experiences in Latin America and the Caribbean and the development of case studies contribute to closing the evidence gap that informs policy making in the region.

That is why on March 17, together with CONASET and the Ministry of Transport of Chile, we will be presenting the publication "Child Restraint Systems, a multidimensional approach to strengthen their use. The Case of Chile".
The event will also include the participation of Saul Billingsley, CEO of the FIA Foundation, presenting "The importance of working on safe mobility for children and adolescents in the new Decade of Action for Road Safety"; Fred Wegman, Professor Emeritus of the University of Delft, with his presentation on "The importance of developing public policies focused on safe mobility for children"; and Dave Cliff, CEO of the Global Road Safety Partnership, presenting "Strategies and impact of enforcement to encourage the use of Child Restraint Systems".

Hora: 10:00

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