The Ministry of Education and Culture and the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez together for Child Road Safety

The presentation was on the mandatory use of Child Restraint Systems for children traveling in cars and the required necessary safety conditions when transporting children on school buses or traditional buses used for school outings.

Marcelo Alborés, Child Road Safety Technician at the Fundación, believes these events are of fundamental importance since they provide information to education leaders, who are role models in daily contact with the children. Awareness-raising activities about the safety transportation of children are crucial to produce behavior changes possible, and prevent risks in the different ways of mobility.

Regarding the mandatory use of Child Restraint Systems, Alborés highlighted that their incorrect installation or lack of use may cause death or irreversible injury, and he explained the different types of Child Restraint Systems depending on the child´s height and weight. Information brochures were handed out at the end of the presentation to improve safety conditions in child transportation.

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