Strategic plans in El Salvador

In preparation for FISEVI 2024 in El Salvador, we began working with the authorities and technicians of that country to develop a strategic plan.

With the aim of strengthening the National Road Observatory of El Salvador to monitor data and generate that contribute to decision-making to reduce road accidents; and to achieve a national agreement with all stakeholders in new regulatory frameworks; as well as in the development of a strategic plan by CODESEVI with activities that achieve a positive impact on road safety; is that together with the national authorities of El Salvador we began to work together.

The main idea, like the work we have been developing in Argentina with child road safety plans, is that the CODESEVI (Departmental Road Safety Councils) themselves can develop their own road safety plans to implement in their territories, taking into account their own particularities.

To this end, we have started a work plan that includes a series of training sessions during four months, in which technicians from the Ministry of Transportation, FONAT and the CODESEVIs themselves will work on the strategic management for the development of these plans. At the same time, they will also be trained in related topics such as child road safety, safe school environments, effective enforcement and speed management.

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