Federal Programme for Child Road Safety in Argentina - 2021

Together with the Fundación Gonzalo Rodríguez and the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina, progress continues to be made in the development of provincial child road safety plans.

Within the framework of the Federal Safe Child Mobility Programme, the 2021 phase was launched, which covers the strategic planning of provincial child road safety plans. This new stage provides continuity to the work that each province carried out last year, involving about 100 hours of work and training, specifically in tenatics, planning and management.  

During all this work and after a research phase, carried out by each of the provincial representatives, each province developed its plans in response to the needs identified in the research phase.

In this sense, child mobility, child passenger road safety, and school environments are some of the key points in these plans.

Once again, for the development of the strategic planning of each plan, we have the support of the company Externum and Eng. Luis Silva Domingo, contributing in this stage to the identification of strategic objectives, the construction of indicators and provincial action plans.

As part of this new phase, the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation and the National Agency provided technical support and continuous accompaniment to the provincial representatives in order to collaborate in the progress and implementation of the provincial plans and, in this way, ensure their success.

In this sense, in November of this year, an evaluation day will be held to evaluate the results and compliance with the proposed indicators for those provinces that have managed to meet the objectives proposed in their child road safety plans.  

The aim is also to complete the practical part of the Child Road Safety course for participants from the provinces, in order to be able to complete the certification that began in 2020.
It is the objective of the Foundation and the National Agency to systematize some processes with specific topics, in order to replicate them in other provinces in later stages.

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