Child Road Safety in Catamarca

As part of the Child Road Safety program that we started to develop in April 2020 together with the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina, we started training more than 150 technicians and decision makers in Catamarca.

The same has a strong use of virtuality, through our online training platform FGR Campus, where referents from each province were previously trained. "Today we are starting to put this knowledge into practice. We are today in Catamarca to implement a National Plan for Child Road Safety because we believe that education and citizenship must be worked on in order to have educated and caring people on the roads" assured Sebastián Kelman, director of the Road Safety Policy Training Center of the National Road Safety Agency of Argentina (ANSV).

"Child road safety is a problem that we cannot look the other way, and we must give it the importance it deserves. In Catamarca the levels of protection of children on the roads are quite poor, and we have to achieve a commitment from everyone, especially from the adults who are responsible" commented Verónica Cohan, of the Directorate for Road Safety in the Province.

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