Child Road Safety in Argentina: a long term commitment

With the presence of almost 300 people we held, together with the Argentine Road Safety Agency, a virtual conference on the progress of public policies aimed at children's road safety in that country.

María Fernanda Rodríguez, President of the Gonzalo Rodríguez Foundation; Pablo Martínez Carignano, Executive Director of the Agency; Sebastián Kelman, head of the ANSV Training Center; and Fred Wegman as guest expert participated in the event.

"There is no road culture in Argentina. And we must continue working with the authorities of the provinces, and cities. We are convinced that this is the way. It is a long and sustained work that requires the commitment of all and the daily work of the authorities throughout the country. And in that sense, I thank the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation, because in this sea of opportunism; finding an ally like this is very important" assured Carignano.

For his part, Sebastian Kelman said that "we have been working since the beginning of the year with the intention that children's road safety becomes a public policy sustained over time. For us it is essential to work with the provinces, together, to be part of this process. We know that road safety is a process with many aspects. That is why I want to thank the Gonzalo Rodriguez Foundation and the provincial referents who addressed this issue. Children's road safety must be addressed in all spaces".

Fred Wegman was the keynote speaker of the day, making a presentation on the importance of child road safety. In it he explained that, as today the whole society is working against the COVID, we must work towards road safety. We know its causes, we know what works, now it remains to implement it properly. See Fred's presentation here again.

Finally, Maria Fernanda Rodriguez made, at the end of the day, the presentation of the Children's Road Safety Initiative Award, which the Foundation will be giving early next year to those individuals or organizations that develop a task that brings us closer to achieving our goal of better child road safety in the region.

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