Training for journalists

The main objective was to strengthen the knowledge of Road Safety, and provide tools to find new angles, sample stories and tips on the subject.

What is happening - both in Uruguay and in the rest of the world - is not a series of unfortunate "accidents", but rather a public health crisis that is having very serious consequences, not only for the victims, but for society as a whole.

Twenty journalists from all over the country, and from different types of media (press, radio, television and web), participated in the event, which was moderated by journalist Mauricio Almada, with Alberto Escobar, manager for mobility and public policy at the Automobile Club de Chile, as a special guest. During the workshop, the work that the Automobile Club of Chile has developed in promoting better road safety practices was presented, especially with the work with the press, and how the approach has been modified from the media to traffic accidents.

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